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Our Story

Our Story:

Talofa lava and welcome to Penina Island Boutique! 
Penina Island Boutique is a family owned business based in Brisbane Australia.  Since moving to Australia from Samoa as a family, we have always missed the culture, food and everything about the islands that made us who we are. Both my parents, Kaseina & Barry are from Tuvalu (mum) and Samoa (dad). We also have our team myself, Tara, my husband Jack, and my younger brother Ben that helps behind the scenes. 
Beginning the story of Penina Island Boutique, we wanted to provided something that we always wanted living in Australia, and that was a one-stop shop for all our Pacific island essentials; no matter what island you are from.
Our brand mission is to bring a taste of the Pasefika, and being mixed of various Pacific island backgrounds ourselves, we wanted to create an all-inclusive brand for every islander from all walks of life. Polynesian, Micronesian or Melanesian or abit of everything else, we hope you are able to find something you like or need. Our aim is to bring you a taste of the Pasefika.